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Marble and Travertine stone tiles are really what takes a normal bathroom to a stunning and beautiful bathroom that feels good to walk into for you and your guests. Marble like Bottacino or Creme Marfil, are fantastic colors and when they come polished, can make your bathroom really shine. When it comes to polished marble, a little caution needs to be considered, because if the floor were to get wet, one can slip on the polished stone. Marble looks, but Travertine takes on yet another look and feel. Travertine has little holes in the stone giving it more of a natural stone look and feels good when you walk on it. This is also good for the bathroom because of the friction from the Travertine when the floor does indeed get wet.  Marble looks amazing and can be found here at our store StoneTileUS.

Travertine comes in different colors and textures just like Marble. Frig light is good for a nice color. Brushed and chiseled is indeed a good option if you would like to feel the smooth rocky texture, again caution should be considered because of the slippery surface, this travertine can also come in a french pattern, where the stone tiles lay in an elegant and pretty pattern.

To couple with your marble or travertine stone tiles in your bathroom, you can also order a gorgeous vanity here at Atlantic Vanity Source.

Vanities compliment the bathroom depending on which kind and category you get. With the marble or travertine stone tiles, maintenance is required, we have additional videos and blogs on here to instruct on how to take care of the stone.