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By Clarel
Hardwood Flooring or Natural Stone Floors
Here is some more information:
Hardwood flooring is said to be an environmentally-friendly flooring option for your home. It comes in a variety of bamboo, oak, walnut, maple, cork flooring and more. Engineered hardwood flooring is easy-to-install. To care sweep or vacuum often. Hardwood floors are more easily damaged than natural stone.
Spiked or damage-heeled shoes.
Wet mop and damp mop
Water or other liquids.
Oil soaps
Products containing all citrus
Tung oil
Scouring powders and pads with metal
2-in-1 cleaners with acrylic or urethane
There is a lot that goes into preserving hardwood flooring. This list alone would make me choose natural stone as opposed to hardwood flooring.

Like hardwood flooring Stone Tile Us natural stone can be used throughout the home. Be sure to choose a natural stone you want to live with for a long time it can be costly to replace. The finish of natural stone is extremely durable however, it is still a good idea to add chair pads and regularly remove dirt from the floor's surface which will help prevent scratching if you have a glazed finish. Sealant is not required, however, a good idea to use for stone tile installed in areas of high traffic and entertainment. Natural stone and hardwood flooring should be installed by professionals who are accustomed working with these materials.

Stone Tile Us natural stone is a good source for all your natural stone needs we even provide stone that resembles hard wood flooring.
The appeal for travertine natural stone comes from the fact that it was used help build the Roman Empire. Polishing the travertine stones give more depth and shine, it also accents natural beauty of the stone.
Stone Tile Us travertine is especially recommended for wet areas:
Let us know your preference hardwood flooring or natural stone floors and why? We’d like to know…
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