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By Clarel
Yule Marble is the most expensive marble available.
The most expensive Marble Stone is Yule Marble which is a premium white marble, found in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado discovered in 1873.

Yule Marble is specifically located in the Yule Creek Valley in Marble, Colorado and is shipped to parts of the world including:
Italy, Saudi Arabia, Peru, and other international locations.

The quality of Yule Marble made it the choice for use in the basement of the Colorado Capitol, Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Other buildings throughout the country were also built with Yule Marble.

-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier currently being renovated and is made of the largest
single block of marble produced in the United States.
-Colorado state known for Majestic Rocky Mountains, had no official state rock.
-Girl Scout Troop 357 requested that Yule become the state rock.
-Yule marble became the “official state rock” of Colorado in 2004 @ the request of Girl Scout Troop 357 .
-Colorado is the Centennial State.
-Each state contributed a 20″ x 40″ rock to line the inside of the monument, Colorado chose the Yule Marble.
-Yule can also be found in: Colorado State Capitol building, Chessman Memorial, Colorado State Museum and the Denver Court House.
-Yule Marble has withstood 100 years in DC winter and humid summers.
-Yule is 99.5% pure calcite giving it a very smooth texture and luminous surface.
-The size of the deposits allows for large blocks to be quarried, it is a weather resistant marble of metamorphosed
-Henry Bacon urged the Yule Marble be used for the Lincoln Memorial because of the aesthetic value in spite of it being more expensive than other marbles.
-Quarrying is a challenge because of the high altitude (9,300 feet above sea level), steep slopes, deep snow, and snow-mud slides in the winter. Even advances in technology have not helped to eliminate these challenges.
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