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By Clarel
Granite has been popular for a while and still is for white stone counter tops (actually for all colors). Marble, limestone and soapstone are becoming more popular for the use of kitchen counter tops. Here are some white stone counter top options:

Arctic White Stone Counter tops - quartz is a solid bright white product with no veins or pattern. It is offered polished. Great for interior projects including walls, back splashes, counter tops and flooring.

Carrera White Stone Counter tops - White Carrara marble is a luxury Italian marble in shades ranging from whites to greys with lots of soft feathered veining.

Calacatta white Stone Counter tops- is a rear high end marble desired for its unique characteristic such as dramatic large and very distinct veins.

Yule Marble Stone Counter tops - premium white marble 99.5% pure calcite giving it a very smooth texture and luminous surface.

Quartz Stone Counter tops- are heat and impact resistant with no scratching, staining or need for sealing. Offered are a wide range of colors and patterns including white.

Travertine Stone Counter tops- It's a little more high maintenance than other stones so filling and sealing is recommended to protect against staining, trapping food and bacteria. It is beautiful adding warn natural finish to any kitchen!

Marble Stone Counter tops- marble is the whitest stone available. White marble has a clean look and is always-attractive like travertine it's a little more high maintenance and a suggested alternative is white granite.

Granite White Stone Counter tops- The composition if granite makes it almost impossible to be pure white there are flecks of color and variations, however if you can forgo pure white it will be easier to maintain than marble and travertine and the look is interesting.

Alaska White Stone Counter tops- have a smooth finish with a classic elegant feel. Additionally, this marble presents some discreet long red variegated veining on the surface.

Alpine White Stone Counter tops- is great for counter tops, back splashes, walls, and floors. It is both versatile and durable the flickers of mineral give it beautiful movement and color. Gunmetal grays with ebony accents, on a background icy white.

White Fume Graffiti Stone Counter tops- is a very hard with a uniform background it is mostly used for exterior flooring. It is a white marble, with a slight grayish tone, and medium grain.

Snow White Stone Counter tops- is an exclusive marble the background is white and beige, it is not a pure white there are undertones of gray and beige. This shade looks great in all types of finishes, we recommend the polished finish.

Some White Stone Counter top alternatives are:
Acrylic composites and engineered quartz surfaces have attractive and durable finishes in a wide range of white shades.

White Stone Counter tops will brighten any room and give it the illusion of being bigger than it really is.
There’s a feeling of class and stateliness, contemporary and clean.
The disadvantage is that natural white stone counter tops are susceptible to scratches and staining especially from acids.
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