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Shipping & Handling
By Clarel
Travertine Delivery

    Travertine is very heavy and needs either a tractor trailer with lift gate or flatbed with a fork lift (Moffett) for delivery.

    The advantages of a flatbed Moffat, Piggyback is the ability to place the tile near the actual work area.

    Tractor trailer option with lift gate will leave you with a curbside delivery however with use of a forklift the material can be placed near the work site.

    It is suggested you have the material delivered to a local business with loading dock and a forklift.

    Business to business is more economical than business to home. As would be expected if you unload yourself that will significantly reduce cost!

    Truck terminals are yet another option they have loading docks and fork lifts some will store your order for a period of time.
    However, you will still have to get the material from the terminal to the location where the work/installation is being done.

    Some installation companies will accept delivery of materials. Check with them before making arrangements.

    Find a truck which is Deadheading

    When a truck deadheads it means a load (freight) has been delivered and there are no more destinations and deliveries scheduled.
    Truckers and trucking companies are willing to work with you if trucks are in your area with such a situation.

    You can often get lower rates if a truck has made a delivery in your general area and is traveling back empty to the original destination.

    It will take a bit of calling around to your local trucking company these situations are avoided as it causes the companies to lose money,

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