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By Clarel
Sealant for Travertine Pavers
Sealant is not required, but can be applied if desired. Keep in mind that a sealer may be necessary if the pavers will be installed on an area that is exposed to heavy entertainment as wine, food and other products can stain the pavers.
Stone Tile Us travertine paver and natural store is an extremely durable stone, there is almost no possibility of scratching the surface, perfect for heat resist situations, and properly treated natural stone will be able to resist stain. It will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Advantage of paver sealant:
Protect outdoor stone against stains from tree and plant debris or in areas that collect a lot of water and get stained and mildew.
The sealer is deep penetrating and preserving of the stone’s natural surface texture while keeping stains and mildew out.
Sealer will also reduce damage that can be caused by spills from things that can stain like wine.
Disadvantages of sealing pavers:
Recommended 5 year re application of a professional sealer. It may even be yearly according to the brands manufacture instructions that you choose.

If you’re a DYI person you can actually get it done for a fraction of the cost.
Seal Pavers-needed are:
Water Spray bottle
Roller brush
White clean cloth-absorbent suggested
Step 1 Cleaning Pavers
Step 2 Apply Sealer
Step 3 Finishing
Step 4 Removing Excess and re apply

How do you maintain your natural stone? :geek:
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