• Bull-nose is widely used for highlighting the top surrounding side of wall and to cap off any open ended tile edge.


  • Ogee is usually used for door frames, chair rail, and sill trim/window frame, among many other uses and comes in white, ivory, gold, noce and botticino.
  • Stone Tile US materials provide finishes for indoor and outdoor areas. Made from quality, Turkish Marble and Travertine.
    • We offer gold, noce, white and Leonardo.

We offer: Travertine and marble, Bull-nose and Ogee.

We also have a selection of pencil liners and channel wave moldings that come in warm rich colors.

A molding maybe used as an accent, a finish for an edge, a separation between design style or an entire design focus.

Molding tends to cast shadows so that should be considered when designing with moldings.

Moldings were of importance in past styles of: Persia, Assyria, and Babylon they were later replaced with flat ceramics.

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