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Pool Paver Copings; They are our decorative artistic pavers, used for styling Pool Decks, Raised Walls, Steps, Spillways, Fountains, Benches, Planters, Pillars and more. The term "Coping" basically means that if you were to have an inground swimming pool constructed out of concrete, it will need Coping, which is a cap for the edge of the pool. Besides simply being necessary, the Coping provides an opportunity for a decorative accent, which can greatly enhance the appearance of the pool. When someone inside the pool hangs on to the top edge, that's the Coping they're grabbing on to. 

Pool Copings Image StoneTileUS

Coping covers the concrete edges and conceals the steel projecting from the pool walls. The Coping prevents water from getting behind the pool shell, integrating the finish and tile of the swimming pool. Pool Coping should be tilted slightly away from the pool so if any water should splash out, it would flow back into the deck drains.

Our Pool Coping can be cut into straight lengths, corners or curved sections. Stones are traditionally made of grayish-white concrete with a porous finish. These copings are very good for preventative slippage because they provide a non-skid surface. 

We customize our pool copings here at StoneTileUS out of our select Pavers and Pool Copings. We bullnose the pavers, which is the process of rounding the edges of the concrete pavers. We do single, double, triple, or 4-sided bullnose curving, creating anything from pool edges and steps to pillars and fountains.

Pool Copings Image StoneTileUS

When a customer calls for a specific design they have in mind, we take that and transform one our pavers to fit their needs. We can transform the paver from a 6x12 rectangular stone to a double-sided pool coping that you wanted in material and shape. With this technique, we design truly aesthetic beautiful pool deck designs.